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Sadguru Publishing has several other books of talks of some of Indias most renowned Self realized masters.

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Conversations with Ranjit Maharaj

One of the most fundamental question that we as living beings wonder about is "Who am I?" When one begins asking this question it marks the dawn of spiritual awakening. Master Key to Self-Realization provides a framework for Self investigation and discovery through methodical exploration.

In this condensed text containing the teachings of Shri Siddharameshwar Maharaj (pronounced sid-ha-ram-esh-war) the reader is led on a journey of Self investigation and Self discovery. What is presented in the Master Key to Self-Realization are many fundamental principles and concepts that have been used for centuries to convey the teachings of nonduality.

Ranjit Maharaj

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The Master Key to Self-Realization is not some new method or technique for enlightenment. It is understanding who you are at the essence of your Being. Here, the Master Key is a the way that knowledge about the Self is communicated and the process of Self discovery in one's own direct experience.


In the Master Key to Self-Realization the reader is first introduced to some of the aspects of the traditional role of the Sadguru (pronounced sat-guru; true teacher).

The Four Bodies